Website foundations is imperative for creating website that users and search engines love.

Since the start of the internet with so many websites, resulting in difficulty to be successful in your niche in the online marketplace. Gladly though, a constant increase in online demand enables niches to receive more and more traffic leading to increased business.

Now is the right time to start your online business, everything you need to know is online.

It is certainly a great time to get involved in the world of online commerce and business because more than 3 billion users will be coming online within the next couple of years providing plenty of opportunities and demand.

Ok as I said, building a strong foundation for your online business keep the following information in mind.

1. Content

Create content that stands out, is well-researched, and has personality, who is your customer and solve their problems better than your competition.

Don’t copy content, be creative and original in writing content, it drives traffic to your website and is the life-blood of your online business.

2. User Experience

You need to put your customers first, make sure your website is mobile friendly, most users browse using smartphones.

Websites should be easy to understand and navigate, creatively designed, strong, clean, and functional for your users.

3. Keywords and On-Page SEO

Google indexes millions of websites, how would you rank best? Understand your audience, know what they are searching for to find your business.

For best SEO practice, remember to write naturally, use great titles and descriptions, use your common sense and use your search keywords wisely.

4. Inbound Links

Let inbound links from other website come to your website naturally, Google loves these natural links. Create high-quality content people love and build your business relationships.

5. Outbound Links

Let it happen naturally, and always check your outbound links for performance and remove bad performing links.

Open outbound links in new windows, therefore your website visitors stay on your website when clicking outbound links.

Remember to set ‘No Follow’ for all commercial outbound links and be careful when linking to pages, they can have malicious links that could be bad for your rankings.

6. Internal Links

Place internal links where they are important, the top of each page, within content of the pages and at the bottom of pages like the footers.

7. Social Media

In 2018 technology is so advanced, because almost everything is connected, and thus social media is a must. Add the Facebook Like and Comment buttons for the channels that makes sense for your business.

Consistently do active social marketing to create your online following.

8. Loose Ends

Research and monitor your online business, and most importantly stay ahead relative to your competitors while making use of search engine tools like Google Analytics on your website.

Active social marketing will decrease your reliance on Google, consistent content publishing is a great way start growing organic traffic and organic traffic is free.