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What is domain, email, and hosting services all about, it is about putting you online onto the internet, your domain_name becomes your web account/storage space online where your emails, website and related data is stored, organised, made accessible on the internet, and lastly where your data is managed as securely as possible against any potential threats.

Websites on the internet are identified by a series of numbers, which we know as “IP addresses” (Example:, computers use these like a channel to connect to your online server where your website, emails, and data resides.

These numbers work well for computers, but not for people, thus the wheel was re-invented and “Domain Names” were created, they are unique and identify your website just like “IP addresses“, yet they are much easier to remember than numbers.

A domain simply put is giving your website an address like your residential home address, a name you can easily remember and an address for people to access your online business website.

The same way your home has an address for people to be able to find your property.


Explaining E-Mail hosting, it is the act of providing a client with your very own personalized email address. In order for you to create your own personalized email address, you will need to register a ‘Domain_Name’ which is required for your personalized email address.

EXAMPLE: [email protected]

This is the best way to do it if you’re running a business because customers can easily remember your name and the business associated with your name. Not only that, your customers will more likely trust your business, representing yourself in a more professional manner and in line with your brand.

What is hosting all about, it is simply said a service that makes your website available online to users. Anyone on the internet may view your website anytime and anywhere by typing in your address ( also known as your ‘Domain_Name’.

For this service to work your website should be running on a computer or server which is always connected to the internet, and these computers or servers need to be updated, stable, and secure to keep your website up and running at all times.

Your ‘Domain_Name’ is your address to get to your website, and hosting is the service that ensures your address is available online and stays open for business.

Without hosting your domain online, your stunning website has no use as it will not be available online.