Are you looking for a means to grow your business, then look no further.

Utilizing Google Ads Marketing services, you can capitalise on those huge number of searches taking place on Google daily.

At nearly 5 billion searches per day, over 2 trillion per year and growing, Google has become the biggest advertising platform world-wide for the world-wide-web. Generating a staggering $79.38 billion in revenue from advertising in 2016, Google Ads is a highly effective means to advertise your brand online and increase your business bottom line.

We would gladly assist you with the creation and management of your advertising campaign for your brand and its specific target market and needs.

Start your Google Ads campaign right away – it can provide a excellent ROI and create sales for your business.

Get a Evaluation

Already have a Google Ads account, no problem, a Google Certified Ads specialist will evaluate your account to discover how we can increase your advertising campaigns PPC performance.

Have a Campaign Setup

We will setup your campaigns once all information have been gathered for the agreed upon objectives of your campaign, where-after we’ll launch them and begin analysing the data and results.

Landing Page Created

What happens after a searcher click your advertisement? We have years experience in AB testing on landing pages, so we will throw in a custom designed landing page that makes conversions.

google ads management package



  • Campaign setup
  • Free R900 ad voucher
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research
  • Writing compelling ads
  • Ad extention setup
  • Conversion tracking
  • Google analytics
  • Display ads
  • Remarketing
  • Landing page designed

Monthly optimization.

  • Ad testing
  • Bid & budget management
  • Keyword expansion
  • Search term analysis
  • Negative keyword additions
  • Improving quality score
  • Call quality analysis
  • Landing page AB testing
  • Monthly reporting
  • Client dashboard

Ad Budget | Manegement Fee

How our fees work:

Budget up to R10,000/m  |  R3,500/month

Budget up to R20,000/m  |  R5,000/month

Budget up to R30,000/m  |  R6,000/month

Budget up to R50,000/m  |  R8,000/month

Budget up to R75,000/m  |  R11,000/month

Budget up to R100,000/m  |  R15,000/month

Over R100 000 – Flat rate of 15%.


We have more than 10 years full-time, hands-on Google Ads management experience in the industry.


Management of over 200 campaigns with budget ranging from R2k/month to R150k/month.

AdWords exams.

Maintaining an average score of 96% on advanced Google Ads exams, and we consistently study all the latest updates.