Market Exposure

  • Website SEO…

Optimizing the visibility of your website for a web search engine’s results is called SEO a.k.a. “Search Engine Optimization”. The more your site appears in search engine (Google Search) results the better. It is important to post content frequently as search engines love this, and causes your site to rank higher, converting more visitors to customers.

  • Make sure your website complies with the following…

1. Your website needs to be mobile friendly, because more users globally use mobile devices to find your online presence.

2. Website needs to function on as many platforms as possible to maximize exposure for all users on the internet.

3. Websites need to be visually-appealing and professional.

4. Every page needs to have a call to action option and contact information.

5. Your website should load quickly, navigate easily, and be user friendly.

  • Connect with your target audience, tell them stories…

Taking your website and putting it online does not mean that is it, you will now be visible and make conversions, nooo… you need to market yourself, and the best way to do that is to engage with your target market by giving them stories they like, find interesting and amazing, and they will follow you and your brand providing a much larger target audience via your social media networks like Facebook.